2023 ACS Global Innovation Imperatives - 7th International Conference on Computation for Science and Technology (ICCST)

2023 ACS Global Innovation Imperatives - 7th International Conference on Computation for Science and Technology (ICCST)


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The computational method has been applied in sciences, engineering, and other related disciplines, such as computational chemistry, computational physics, computational biology, computational mathematics, computational mechanics for solids and structures, computational fluid dynamics, computational heat transfer, computational inverse problem, computational meso/micro/nano mechanics, computational penetration mechanics, molecular and quantum methods, information technology, etc. By computational method, many monumental breakthroughs have been achieved in science and engineering to promote better life.

Following on the successful organizing of previous ACS Global Innovation Imperatives (Gii) and International Conference on Computation For Science and Technology (ICCST) in the past 12 years, the organizing committee is pleased to announce that the ACS Gii 2023 and 7th ICCST will be held offline on 8-10 December 2023 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with theme of "Computers in Chemistry: Addressing Air Pollution Challenges with Sustainable Solutions" for ACS Gii 2023, and "Virtually going green: The role of computer science and engineering in reducing pollution and toxicity" for 7th ICCST. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to join us to present your latest findings in the computational field and other related fields.

The program of ACS Gii 2023 and 7th ICCST will consist of keynote lecture, plenary lectures, invited lectures, oral presentations as well as poster presentations.

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur.
2023 ACS Gii Organizing Committee
7th ICCST Organizing Committee


  • Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vannajan Sanghiran Lee, (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia)
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Muhammad Ameerullah Sahudin (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia)


  • Chair: Prof. Dr. Sharifuddin Md. Zain, (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia)
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Sithi Vinayakam Muniandy (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia)

Important Dates

Launching of website
15 August 2023

Opening of online registration and abstract submission
21 August 2023

Deadline of abstract submission
15 November 2023

8-10 December 2023

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